Fly-jib fit for the job

There was only one truck for the job when a recent customer request came in.  Our customer, Archibald McAulay & Son needed three steel beams lifted through a small window opening at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons in the centre of Glasgow.

Lifting one of the beams through the window space.

Lifting one of the beams through the window space.

For such a small space, and at a height of 12m off the ground, our Palfinger PK65002-E with fly jib attachment was a perfect fit for the task in hand.  Mounted on a rigid Scania R450 truck, this vehicle and crane combination allowed both the delivery of the steel and precise movement through the window opening which measured just 1.5m by 2m high.

Our two 8x2 rigid vehicles equipped with PK65002-E cranes add unique lifting abilities to our already diverse fleet of trucks and trailers.  What sets these units apart is the capacity to add a fly jib which, when attached to either unit can lift up to 0.8 tonnes to a distance of 28m. The vehicles and fly jib also feature a hoist attachment with the capacity to lift 3.2 tonnes to a distance of 16.6m.  The hoist's ability to lift and lower in a straight line gives us greater flexibility and access to a number of sites/set ups.

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