Abnormal loads are an everyday request for us.  We have a wealth of experience in loading and moving wide, heavy and abnormal loads with our selection of lorry mounted cranes, trailers and low loaders.

Whilst the load sizes can be very similar in terms of range the carriage can vary hugely in terms of complexity. That's why we understand that planning and preparation is the key to a successful transit.

We will take time to understand the nature of your load and construct the planning of the route to suit your needs. We will arrange all the necessary paperwork and notifications through to ensuring the appropriate escort is in place. 

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Some of the services we provide in this area:

  • Wide experience of abnormal load movements - up to 150' long and 100 tons STGO
  • Experienced team of lorry mounted crane operators with the ability to perform tandem lifts
  • In house escort vehicles
  • Police, Road and Bridge authority notifications arranged
  • Over 1000 out of gauge loads moved in 18 months